Whether it’s goods, personnel, or services, procurement assistants are tasked with sourcing high quality for their employer at the lowest possible cost. The procurement assistant job description is both varied and demanding, which is why your procurement assistant CV needs to showcase all the right skills, qualities, and experience.

Using our procurement assistant CV example, you can get a better idea of what’s required, from the personal statement down to the qualifications section. Then use our tried-and-tested CV builder that’s packed full of professional templates and pre-written content for procurement roles.


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    Procurement assistant CV templates

    Top tips for your procurement assistant CV

    Read through our expert tips on how to make your own application every bit as good as our procurement assistant CV example…

    • Procure the right template

      When you work in procurement, you understand how important it is that something looks the part. The same is true for your CV, and unprofessional documents no longer make the cut. With recruiters comparing countless procurement assistant CVs, you need one that looks professional, inviting, and easy to read. Our advice here is don’t take chances – start with a top-rate CV template that’s pre-loaded with an attractive design, suitable fonts, and all the right sections for you to fill in.

    • Study the procurement assistant job description

      As a procurement assistant, you’ll be familiar with reviewing product and service descriptions to see if they fit the requirements. That’s exactly what recruiters will do with your CV, cross-referencing it with the details in the job description. To make sure you tick all their boxes, go through the procurement assistant job description and pick out any key requirements for experience, qualifications, and skills. If you match up with them, make sure your CV shows it.

    • Back it up with figures

      Procurement is a numbers game. From the number of orders managed and products sourced to cost reductions and profitability increases, there are plenty of figures you can obtain to demonstrate your successful track record. By including them in your procurement assistant CV, you’ll show recruiters exactly what’s on offer – whether it’s a 20% reduction in costs or someone who’s capable of managing 5,000 orders a year.

    • Complement your CV with a cover letter

      It’s never a bad idea to write a cover letter for procurement assistant roles. Doing so allows you to talk in more detail about why you’re applying for the job, explain how your experience aligns with the responsibilities, and highlight some of your top achievements. Writing a cover letter will also help you keep your procurement assistant CV down to 1-2 pages, which is the preferred length for recruiters.

    Procurement assistant skills to include in your CV

    Discover the must-have skills for your procurement assistant CV, along with some nice-to-haves that can set you apart:

    Essential skills for procurement assistants

    • Familiar with procurement software
    • Understanding of procurement processes
    • Knowledge of procurement regulations
    • Inventory management
    • Negotiation
    • Scheduling

    Added extras for your CV

    • Strong written and verbal communication
    • Time management and organisation
    • Rapport building
    • Logistics expertise
    • Bilingual
    • Attention to detail

    The opening pitch for your procurement assistant CV

    As you can see from our procurement assistant CV example, the personal statement is an important part of any CV. It acts as an opening pitch for your CV, introducing you as a candidate with some key skills and a bit about your background.

    Be sure to mention your experience, such as “3 years in procurement” or just “6 years of experience in administrative roles”. Then pick out some specific qualities such as “knowledge of procurement processes” or “familiar with inventory management”.

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    Top FAQs about your procurement assistant CV

    What is a procurement assistant?

    A procurement assistant is a member of the buying team in larger organisations, or assistant to the procurement manager in smaller businesses. They assist with the procurement (sourcing or buying) of products, services, or even people for their employer.

    What does a procurement assistant do?

    A procurement assistant supports the overall procurement operation, from assisting with the buying strategy and budgeting to scheduling and ordering. They build ongoing relationships with suppliers, contractors, and other companies to maintain a robust network for the business.

    What are the duties of a procurement assistant?

    There are a number of specific duties listed in procurement assistant job descriptions. These include:

    • Making purchases online, in person, or by phone
    • Negotiating costs
    • Checking compliance on all goods
    • Monitoring shipping and arrival
    • Building strong relationships
    • Assisting with procurement strategy
    • Writing reports
    • Creating purchasing schedules

    How to write a CV for procurement assistant roles

    Your procurement assistant CV should start with a personal statement that introduces you as a candidate. Your work history section will then outline your previous roles and the main responsibilities, starting with the most recent. Add a list of key skills to briefly highlight your relevant capabilities. Then list any relevant education or qualifications at the bottom of your CV.

    What is the procurement assistant salary?

    The procurement assistant salary usually falls between £23,000 to £26,000 per year in the UK. That can increase with experience as you move towards more senior roles like procurement manager and procurement specialist.

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