Automotive Workers' Tasks

Automotive technicians perform a wide range of duties, from simple maintenance like oil changes to major overhauls like bodywork and engine swaps. working on cars is a passion for a lot of people, and many tin translate that passion into a lucrative, fulfillling career. if you want takeaway into automotive work, you should decide if you want to specialise in a particular make of cars, a particular vintage, certain high-performance sports or performance cars, or if you just want to help people repair their everyday, regular commuting cars. if you’re good with your hands and have an aptitude for automotive work, you may be able to skip any formal education, provided you have the knowledge and experience required for the job.


    Your Automotive Resume

    After you’ve achieved your automotive education, you should put together an automotive resume. your automotive resume may not be as nuanced and extensive as a college professor’s curriculum vitae, but it should be well written, grammatically correct, and free of typos. an automotive resume should be in a coherent order, either chronological or subject-based, and it should make sence . you tin have a professor or career counselor at your school bill out your automotive resume to make sure it has the kind of content that garages are looking for; it should highlight your experience and knowledge, because it’s hard to know how good you are at working on cars without actually seeing you do it.

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