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Restaurant managers work as the face of a restaurant. Whether they’re greeting guests, recommending dishes, or answering questions, they can make or break a restaurant experience. But that’s not all – restaurant managers also work tirelessly behind the scenes, from organising staff schedules to collaborating on menus.

Because restaurant managers have so much on their plates, their experience on a CV can be challenging to sum up. Thankfully, it’s quick and easy with myPerfectCV. Discover our top tips for UK applicants, a professional restaurant manager CV example, and our proven CV builder today.


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    Serve up your skills with our top tips for your restaurant manager CV

    Don’t let your CV leave a bad taste in your recruiter’s mouth. By following our top tips for your restaurant manager CV, you can perfectly present your skills, education, and experience.

    • Crunch the numbers

      Like any customer-facing role, you can’t sum up the impact of your job as a restaurant manager with numbers alone. But including metrics on your CV is an excellent way to quantify your success. Whether you welcomed an average of 100 guests a week or improved customer satisfaction ratings by 15%, these stats will show a recruiter how much you’ve achieved in previous roles.

    • Use keywords from the job description

      From fast food diners to Michelin star restaurants, restaurant managers can work in a wide variety of businesses. To make sure your application is tailored to each new role, include keywords and phrases from the job description. Doing so will prevent you from sending the same CV to different types of restaurant.

    • Show off your skills

      The role of a restaurant manager requires a unique blend of skills, from customer service to scheduling. Make sure to include a potent combination of hard and soft skills on your CV, showing your recruiter that you have the right strengths for the role.

    • Be a leader

      Like any manager, a restaurant manager needs to have excellent interpersonal and leadership skills. When writing your work experience section, don’t just list your responsibilities – make sure to include examples that demonstrate your ability to lead and manage a team.

    • Share your passion

      As well as experience, recruiters will also be looking for someone who has a passion for the role – especially as you’ll be working with customers daily. Your restaurant manager CV profile (also called a personal statement) uses positive adjectives such as ‘energetic’, ‘friendly’, and ‘results-driven to describe your work ethic.

    What skills should you include in your restaurant manager CV?

    Dish up the right skills on your restaurant manager CV. Wherever you work, these must-have skills will make sure your application hits the spot.

    Top skills for your restaurant CV

    • Communication
    • Time management
    • Leadership
    • Customer service
    • Health and safety
    • Food hygiene

    Extra skills that will help you stand out

    • Knowledge of wine
    • Menu planning
    • Nutrition
    • Inventory management
    • Waiting tables

    Whet their appetite with your restaurant manager personal statement

    Like the description of a new dish at your restaurant, your personal statement has to draw people in – and has just a few short lines in which to do it. This section of your CV sits immediately underneath your contact details and needs to grab your recruiter’s attention to make them want to find out more.

    Your statement, also known as a restaurant manager CV profile, should outline your current situation, critical skills and achievements, and short-term career goals. Don’t explain why you want the job – instead, your statement needs to provide a taster of what you could bring to a new role.

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    FAQs about your UK restaurant manager CV

    What are the restaurant manager duties?

    The restaurant manager job role is responsible for creating a welcoming environment for guests. Restaurant manager duties and responsibilities can include seating visitors, recommending items from the menu, and overseeing kitchen staff. In some restaurants, the role may involve creating the menu, checking stock levels and reordering ingredients, and assisting with marketing.

    What experience do you need to be a restaurant manager?

    To become a restaurant manager, you won’t necessarily need a college or university degree (although some roles may ask for one). Relevant experience is a lot more critical. Many restaurant managers work their way up from being a member of the waiting staff, gaining experience as they take on extra duties such as scheduling, menu planning, and organising bookings.

    What should a restaurant manager put on their CV?

    To write a compelling restaurant manager CV, you’ll need to include the following sections on your CV:

    • A personal statement that outlines your current employment, key achievements, and career goals.
    • A work experience section, where you should include your previous roles in reverse-chronological order.
    • A skills section that lists your top 8 restaurant manager skills.
    • An education section that contains your academic and professional qualifications.

    What skills do you need to be a restaurant manager?

    Because communication is such an essential aspect of the job, strong interpersonal skills are crucial. Good restaurant manager skills also include time management, leadership, and comprehensive knowledge of food hygiene and health & safety.

    How much can you earn as a restaurant manager in the UK?

    According to information from Glassdoor.co.uk, the average salary for a restaurant manager in the UK is £27,744 a year. Professionals early on in their career could start earning £21,000, while those with more experience could earn around £37,000. One of the most significant factors that can affect your salary is the size and prestige of the restaurant you work at and the location of the role.

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    Tuck into your new restaurant manager CV

    At myPerfectCV, we make it easy to garnish your skills, education, and experience. Simply browse our UK restaurant manager CV sample, then write your own with our tried & tested CV builder. Your CV will be recruiter-ready and easy to download – whichever restaurant manager CV format you need.

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