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Working as part of a sales team, account executives are responsible for maintaining existing accounts (clients) and closing new deals. Their role involves creating meetings, generating leads, and ensuring their company’s customers are always satisfied with the service. So, how can you make sure your recruiter is just as satisfied with your CV?

If you’re writing your account executive CV, you’re in the right place. At myPerfectCV, we have everything you need to create your application – from top recruiter tips and an account executive CV sample to our trusted CV builder.


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    Account executive CV templates

    Account executive CV tips

    Follow these top tips from UK recruiters for an account executive CV that seals the deal.

    • Crunch the numbers

      As a member of a sales team, you’re no stranger to hitting targets and meeting KPIs. To help your recruiter quantify your success, always include a selection of your most impressive metrics in your work experience section – whether you closed an average of five sales a month or secured a high client satisfaction rate.

    • Use keywords from the account executive job description

      Many recruiters use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to find the most relevant CVs. By including a range of keywords and phrases from the account executive job description, you can make sure your CV is tailored to each new role.

    • Follow a professional account executive CV template

      Account executives know how to make a great first impression when meeting with clients. Ensure your CV does the same by using the right template for your application. Subheadings, bullet points, and columns will make your CV much easier to read and help you keep your information on just one page.

    • Tailor your application to the role

      Research is a vital part of the lead generation process – and it’s just as important when making job applications. There’s no point sending the same generic CV to every company. Always tailor your CV and cover letter to the role by addressing key points in the job description and showing how your skills are well-suited to that particular account executive role.

    • Show off your people skills

      Strong interpersonal skills are a must for any salesperson. Show your recruiter you have the right personal qualities for the job by including some positive adjectives to describe your character when writing your account executive CV.

    Account executive skills to include in your CV

    To succeed in a new role, you’ll need the right account executive skills. Discover what recruiters want to see on your CV by using our checklist below.

    Essential skills for your account executive CV

    • Communication (written & verbal)
    • Lead generation
    • CRM software
    • Budgeting
    • Research
    • Customer service

    Bonus skills

    • Reporting
    • Database management
    • Product knowledge
    • Attention to detail
    • Time management

    Write an eye-catching personal statement for your account executive CV

    Your personal statement (or personal summary) acts as a short introduction to your account executive CV. In 2-3 sentences, your statement needs to outline your current position, key skills, and short-term career objectives. Don’t focus on why you want the job; instead, show your recruiter what you could bring to the role and explain why you’re a strong candidate for the position.

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    Top FAQs about your account executive CV

    What is an account executive?

    An account executive is a sales professional who is responsible for looking after clients. (Clients are known as accounts). They can work in a variety of different industries, such as IT, advertising, or PR. As well as ensuring existing clients are happy, an account executive is often also responsible for finding new clients. Their role involves acting as the face of their business, negotiating between customers and the company management.

    What is the responsibility of an account executive?

    Account executives are responsible for maintaining their company’s client satisfaction rate. On a day-to-day basis, their duties can include arranging meetings with clients, reaching out to see whether they have any problems, and negotiating contracts between the business and its accounts. They are also responsible for finding new clients by following (and developing) an effective lead generation strategy.

    What should be in an account executive CV?

    Whether you need an advertising account executive CV or one for the IT industry, you’ll always need to follow this basic structure when writing your application:

    • A personal statement that outlines your current role, professional background, and most competitive skills.
    • A work experience section that highlights your main duties and achievements in your previous roles.
    • A skills section that bullet points your top eight hard and soft skills.
    • An education section that contains your academic qualifications in reverse-chronological order. If your CV is getting too long, only include your most recent achievements.

    What skills should an account executive have?

    One of the most important skills an account executive should have is communication. Because they spend their time meeting with clients and representing their company, interpersonal skills are an absolute must. These include conflict resolution, the ability to talk about different products and services (and answer questions), and excellent customer service.

    What is the average account executive salary in the UK?

    According to data from Reed.co.uk, the average account executive earns around £32,452 a year. Professionals nearer the start of their career could earn £29,543, while more experienced account executives might earn £37,424 or more.

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