The assistant merchandiser role is integral to stores having stock in the right place at the right time. Assisting with the quantities, pricing, and positioning of stock, they possess a combination of analytical, decision-making and design skills.

Your CV for assistant merchandiser roles needs to show all of that and more. Our assistant merchandiser CV sample can show you how it’s done from including the right skills to demonstrating assistant merchandiser competencies in your work history.


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    Assistant merchandiser CV templates

    Put your USPs on show in your personal statement

    Also known as a professional summary, your personal statement is the perfect place to pick out your top qualities and qualifications to get recruiters interested from the start of your assistant merchandiser CV.

    Be sure to mention a few key assistant merchandiser competencies from your previous roles. Whether you’re “highly skilled in display design and store maintenance” or “experienced in sales analysis and demand forecasting”, it will show your specialism within merchandising.

    Top tips for your assistant merchandiser CV

    If you want to show you’ve got what it takes for the assistant merchandiser role, these expert tips will help you position yourself perfectly for recruiters.

    • Start with a great design

      As a merchandiser, you’ll know the importance of how things are designed, positioned, and laid out. Your CV needs the same care and attention as an in-store display. Using a pre-made assistant merchandiser CV template will give you the right layout and appearance from the start, with must-haves like your contact details and personal statement positioned at the top, before guiding recruiters’ eyes through your work history, skills, and qualifications.

    • Tailor your CV

      Think of recruiters as your target market. What are they looking for in a ‘product’ (or candidate)? You can get a pretty good idea by reading through the job description in detail, which usually outlines desirable and essential skills, qualifications, and experience. Use all of this to tailor your CV for assistant merchandiser competencies or must-have skills that they specify.

    • Do your research

      Going beyond the job description, you can also research the company if it’s specified. What kind of products do they sell? Who is their target audience? What are their core values? Most importantly, can you make your experience more relevant to any of those answers in your assistant merchandiser CV?

    • Put some stats on display

      If you think of your CV as a product display, figures and statistics can act as the unique selling proposition. Whether you’ve increased sales of a flagship product by 33%, kept orders on time for 95% of stock, or reduced expenditure by 15%, it will set you apart from other applicants and quantify your assistant merchandiser competencies.

    • Introduce yourself properly

      Your assistant merchandiser CV should be limited to 1-2 pages, and the personal statement should be kept to a maximum of 3-4 sentences. If you want to expand on anything, it’s best to do so in a cover letter. Here, you can introduce yourself in more detail, outlining how your experience and background makes you suitable for the specific assistant merchandiser role in question.

    Assistant merchandiser skills to include in your CV

    As you can see from our assistant merchandiser CV sample, a concise list of 6-10 key skills is a great way to show what you can offer recruiters. Here’s what to include:

    Hard (technical) assistant merchandiser skills

    • Sales analysis
    • Demand forecasting
    • Inventory monitoring
    • Supply chain management
    • Product positioning
    • Display design

    Soft (transferable) skills for your CV

    • Attention to detail
    • Strong analytical skills
    • Decision-making
    • Negotiation
    • Creative flair
    • Teamwork

    Top FAQs about your assistant merchandiser CV

    What is the role of an assistant merchandiser?

    Broadly speaking, the assistant merchandiser role is intended to support merchandisers with their day-to-day duties in-store or behind the scenes for a retailer. That could be research-based like analysis sales or more creative, such as planning product displays.

    What does an assistant merchandiser do?

    Looking at specific duties, assistant merchandisers take on a range of responsibilities from market research, sales analysis, and demand forecasting to stock management, product ordering, and liaising with suppliers. They may also assist with the arrangement and positioning of stock within a store, along with the design and presentation of the displays themselves.

    How to write an assistant merchandiser CV?

    Your assistant merchandiser CV should summarise your skills, experience, and qualifications in a concise and easy-to-read format. Use bullet-points to list responsibilities for each of your previous roles, as well as listing your key skills. You’ll also need a strong personal statement to open your CV, though it’s usually recommended to write this last.

    What are the best CV templates for an assistant merchandiser CV?

    The best assistant merchandiser CV template will combine form and function, with all the must-have sections for your CV alongside an attractive yet professional design. A touch of colour can reflect your creative flair, with headings, borders, and margins all suitable options.

    Which skills do you need in an assistant merchandiser CV?

    Your CV’s skills section should combine both hard (technical) and soft (transferable) assistant merchandiser skills. Show your assistant merchandiser competencies by listing key capabilities like analysis, purchasing, and store maintenance. Then complement them with sought-after personal qualities such as teamwork, organisation, and creative flair.

    Put yourself front and centre with an impressive assistant merchandiser CV

    If you’re ready to promote yourself as an assistant merchandiser, myPerfectCV is on hand to help. Head to our online builder to create your own CV for assistant merchandiser positions. Simply choose a template, enter your job role, select professionally written content that’s relevant to assistant merchandiser skills and duties, then customise with a few extra details.


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