Social media managers are responsible for developing and carrying out a company’s social media strategy. Managing this vital marketing channel requires creativity, the ability to channel a brand’s tone of voice, and a razor-sharp feel for what’s trending online. An excellent CV for a social media manager demonstrates clearly the breadth of experience they have had, plus what they can bring to a new role.

Key skills for a social media manager include understanding cultural trends, and the ability to move to the beat of ever-shifting audience tastes. On top of this, they also need impressive technical skills and an in-depth understanding of network algorithms.

This particular combination of skills can be tricky to show off on a single piece of paper. But if anyone’s up to the challenge of saying a lot in a limited number of characters, it’s you. myPerfectCV has all the tools you need to tailor your perfect application today including sample CVs for social media managers.


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    Example CV for an experienced social media manager

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    Visual appeal is everything when it comes to attracting likes online – and your CV deserves the same treatment. Browse our range of professional social media management CV templates to find one that will keep your recruiter glued to their screen.

    Get the thumbs-up from recruiters with our top tips for writing your social media manager CV

    You know how to channel a brand’s tone of voice online, but your social media manager CV is all about you. Discover how to present your social media manager skill set in the best possible light with our range of top recruiter tips.

    • Grab their attention with a strong personal statement

      Social media managers need to be a dab hand at stopping scrollers in their tracks. When it comes to your CV, you need to grab your recruiter’s attention from the off – and the best way to do that is with a short personal statement. As with our social media manager CV samples, this should give a brief outline of your achievements, ambitions, and work ethic. Using a sample CV for social media manager roles you can see how to write this effectively!

    • Mention your social media metrics

      Launching a beautiful social media campaign is one thing – but without the tools to analyse its success, you may as well be shooting in the dark. Always mention metrics from your previous positions on your CV. Whether you’ve boosted your company’s followers by 5% after a single post or secured a record click-through rate, these facts will help recruiters to quantify your impact and demonstrate that you’re familiar with analytics tools.

    • Triple-check your spelling and grammar

      When a social media manager posts online, they’re representing an entire company. A typo or grammar mistake will reflect poorly on the business and – depending on its industry – even compromise its reputation. That means it’s crucial to show that you can proofread your writing. Always check your CV for silly errors before submitting your application.

    • Demonstrate your leadership qualities

      If you’re writing a social media manager CV, it can be easy to focus on your marketing abilities and forget about the skills that make you an excellent manager. (This is particularly true if you’re applying for the role as a social media officer who hasn’t yet got lots of leadership experience). Always include examples of your managerial skills on your CV, whether you led a new campaign in your last job or helped delegate tasks to an intern.

    • Use keywords from the social media manager job description

      As a social media manager, you’ll understand the importance of keywords and hashtags to optimise engagement. Similarly, your CV needs to contain keywords and phrases from the job description to make it past an ATS. Whether it’s a particular scheduling software, a social media management platform such as HeyOrca!, or knowledge of a specific network, it’s crucial to link your application to the advert. This will increase its chances of being seen by a real recruiter. Use the social media manager job description to guide you to create a punchy and impactful CV.

    What skills should you include on your social media manager CV?

    Social media managers need to combine creativity with impressive technical skills. Discover the top trending skills for social media managers today!

    Key skills for social media manager CVs

    • Copywriting
    • Marketing
    • Social media networks
    • Analytics tools
    • Leadership
    • Online engagement

    Complementary skill set for social media managers

    • Community management
    • Scheduling software
    • Content strategy
    • Teamwork
    • Sourcing images

    Top FAQs about your social media manager CV

    How do I write a social media CV?

    Your social media CV needs to contain the following sections:

    • A personal statement to outline your current employment status, ambitions, and qualities
    • A work experience section with 5-6 bullet points to describe your key achievements in each role
    • A list of your top eight hard and soft skills
    • Details of your education and any other qualifications

    What are the responsibilities of a social media manager?

    A social media manager is responsible for developing and implementing a company’s social media strategy. This can include writing and scheduling posts for various social networks, launching and tracking online campaigns’ success, and replying to post comments. They are also responsible for delegating tasks to junior members of the social media team, for example, social media assistants or officers.

    What skills are required to be a social media manager?

    To become a social media manager, you will need to have strong digital skills. Social media managers will be very familiar with the major social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and know-how to optimise online engagement to boost your company’s success. You will also need to have excellent copywriting skills to craft click-worthy posts that will grab your customer’s attention and leadership qualities to delegate tasks and draw up campaigns.

    What does a social media manager do all day?

    This will depend on the company, but the day-to-day duties of a social media manager include monitoring writing and scheduling posts and monitoring engagement levels. They may respond to comments on each post, dealing with enquiries and potentially resolving customer complaints. Many social media managers will also spend their time planning future campaigns, particularly in the run-up to events or public holidays.

    How much does a social media manager make?

    According to Glassdoor, the UK’s average person in a social media manager role makes £31,945 a year. At large companies, this figure may rise to £46,000, while social media managers at smaller firms could expect to earn anything from £22,000 a year upwards. The amount you make will depend on factors such as your experience level, the number of platforms and campaigns you’ll work on, and the size of the team you’ll be leading.

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    Competition for social media manager roles can be fierce – but with the right CV, you can stand out from the competition. Using our tried & tested CV builder, it’s quick and easy to craft your application today. Choose from our range of top tips, templates, and tailored content to put together a CV for social media manager roles, that your recruiter definitely won’t want to share!


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