Account management is a diverse role within many different industries; you could be managing clients within an advertising agency or working for a large company managing a portfolio of products.

Wherever you are aiming to work, an account manager CV summarises a candidate’s experience and skills. Your personal statement describes key expertise, such as ‘comprehensive background managing top accounts’, while also listing core skills like, ‘maintaining long-term customer relationships’. This will be contained within a clear, structured layout and backed up with impact and results wherever possible.


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    Make your account manager CV the best it can be with these recruiter-focused tips

    • Make it easy to read

      As an account manager, your role is to make your clients feel like number one. Make recruiters feel like number one too by making your CV easy to read, and easy to see your great experience. Our formatting and templates can help you to create a clear, fluff-free CV that makes heads turn.

    • Use accurate terminology

      With your CV, you want to be able to show that you understand the ins and outs of the account manager role. You can do this by making use of relevant, specific terminology and phrases throughout your CV. Making use of sector-specific terms will prove that you have the abilities and knowledge to succeed.

    • Craft a relevant personal statement

      Your personal statement is a key part of your account manager CV. It shouldn't be overly long or contain irrelevant information. Instead, it should be a direct response to the job listing. So, if the recruiter wants someone attentive and skilled in IT, for example, make sure you mention this in your statement.


    Frequently asked questions about account manager CVs

    How do you showcase your results on an account manager CV?

    The best way to showcase your results on an account manager CV is to include supporting facts and figures alongside job responsibilities.

    Statements like ‘managed a portfolio of 10 accounts totaling £75k in sales’ and ‘contacted 40 new and existing customers per month to discuss new products and services’ will provide evidence of your impact and reassurance to new employers.

    What are the roles and responsibilities of an account manager?

    As the account manager CV example shows, the roles and responsibilities of an account manager include managing a portfolio of accounts and creating proposals for customer business transactions. Overseeing sales forecasting, goal setting, and performance reporting and leading a team of junior account coordinators.

    How do I find account manager jobs?

    There are many ways to find account management roles; job boards will usually be your best starting point, followed by creating a list of agencies and companies that you’d like to work for. Contacting employers directly, as a prospective employee, can have great results. Just be sure to research the right contact person and always address your correspondence by first name, and never ‘to who it concerns’. Personalisation of each application is the secret key!

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