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They say looks aren’t everything – but as a visual merchandiser, you know they’re hugely important in compelling a customer to buy a product. Whether you’re creating an irresistible window display or arranging signage in a store, you’re responsible for setting the tone of the customer experience. But how can you transpose your visual merchandising skills onto a single piece of paper?

At myPerfectCV, we have all the CV writing tips, tricks, and tools you need to build your perfect CV. Discover our range of visual merchandiser CV examples, then use our professional templates and tailorable content to create your own. We’ve got everything you need to get started today, from the key skills to the qualifications needed for visual merchandising.


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    When you’re writing an application, think of your CV as the store and your skills as the products. Your CV structure will hugely influence your recruiter’s response, so discover the best way to present your experience by browsing our selection of professional visual merchandiser CV templates.

    Create an eye-catching CV with our top visual merchandising CV tips from recruiters

    A stand-out display will attract your customers’ attention in seconds. The same is true for your CV. Using the right structure and content; you can grab your recruiter from the first glance. Find out how by following the visual merchandiser CV tips below.

    • Create a clear structure

      No matter how much decoration you use, a product display’s focus is always exactly that – the product. Similarly, don’t be tempted to create a beautiful CV if the structure makes it difficult for your recruiter to read it. Although you may wish to choose a distinctive format to help your CV stand out, it should always be clear, professional, and easy to read above all.

    • Back up your skills with statistics

      Your recruiter won’t be able to see examples of your work on your CV – but you can let them know about the impact your work has had. If you put together a window display that brought record numbers of customers in-store or arranged products in a way that boosted sales by 10%, always include the metrics on your CV. Not only will this make your application more memorable, but it will also help your recruiter to quantify your success.

      Visual merchandising interview questions may focus more around what you have delivered in measurable ways rather than just the duties you performed. Make sure you prepare for your interview with these types of situational examples.

    • Highlight your visual merchandiser duties and responsibilities

      When you work in visual merchandising, a lot goes on behind the scenes – whether you’re managing the product inventory, arranging lighting, or liaising with suppliers. Don’t forget to mention the administrative tasks you completed alongside your primary duties. These will show recruiters the breadth of your experience and demonstrate that you can multitask to manage all aspects of a project.

    • Show off your personal qualities

      Effective visual marketing shouldn’t just look good. It should also acknowledge the practicalities of navigating a busy store. A great visual merchandiser needs to be able to predict the needs of the customer and their colleagues on the shop floor. Using words such as ‘sensitive’, ‘empathetic’, or ‘considerate’ in your personal summary will show recruiters, you understand the role’s human aspect.

    • Mention your technology skills

      According to recent studies, more and more brick-and-mortar shops are choosing to invest in technology to boost customer experience. As a visual merchandising professional, you could be on the cutting edge of this industry trend – so be sure to mention your technology skills on your CV. Whether you’ve used inventory management software or VR to simulate displays, this will help you stand out and show you can embrace new forms of technology as part of your job.

    What skills should you include on your visual merchandiser CV?

    Whether you work in homeware or hardware, it’s crucial to display the right set of visual merchandiser skills and qualities on your CV. Impress your recruiters with a skills section that ticks every box from the visual merchandiser job description.

    Visual merchandiser key skills for your CV

    • Creativity
    • Attention to detail
    • Market research
    • Organisation
    • Time management
    • Teamwork

    Additional visual merchandiser skills for your CV

    • Inventory management
    • AR/VR software
    • Sales and marketing experience
    • Customer service
    • Industry knowledge

    Top-rated questions about your visual merchandiser CV

    What is visual merchandising?

    Put simply, visual merchandising is the process of arranging a shop to attract more customers. This can involve anything from creating exciting window displays to placing products in the most appealing positions. Many visual merchandisers study factors such as customer psychology and market trends to build effective displays, with the ultimate intention of boosting sales and revenue.

    What skills do you need to be a visual merchandiser?

    The most critical skill for a visual merchandiser is attention to detail. Even the smallest elements will impact your displays’ overall effect, from your choice of colour scheme to the height of your signs. That means you’ll need razor-sharp focus to analyse every aspect of your designs.

    What are the duties and responsibilities of a visual merchandiser?

    A visual merchandiser is responsible for presenting products in a way that maximises customer engagement. On a day-to-day basis, it will involve planning and creating window displays (often in line with company-wide marketing campaigns, if you’re working for a chain store), arranging in-store displays, carrying out market research, and managing the shop inventory.

    How much does a visual merchandiser make?

    The salary of a visual merchandiser can vary, often depending on the size of the brand you are working for. According to Glassdoor, inexperienced visual merchandisers at the start of their career could earn £17,000 a year, while professionals with more experience could earn £27,000 a year. The average UK salary for a visual merchandiser is £20,101.

    Do you need experience to be a visual merchandiser?

    You don’t necessarily need professional visual merchandising expertise to secure an entry-level role. Some visual merchandisers simply work their way up for a retail assistant role. However, others will have completed a retail design qualification at college before entering the world of work. As part of this visual merchandising qualification, many students will have undertaken work experience or created a window display as part of their coursework.

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    If you want to build a CV that looks as slick as your in-store displays, you’re in the right place. At myPerfectCV, you can explore our range of expert visual merchandiser CV samples. We’ve got all the templates, tips, and tailored content you need to create your application today.

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