The first step in securing any job is persuading the company or firm you want to work for to interview you. You achieve this by selling yourself and your experience and skills in a well-written, well-formatted CV. This should be an easy task for anyone seeking a post as a communications manager.

A poorly constructed CV containing scant information won’t impress anyone, and those candidates will be bypassed when it comes to interview selection. The communications manager CV sample below demonstrates one way to get crucial information across. However, you should also look at how other communications manager CV samples are presented.

On top of this, we suggest reading through our expert CV examples for more content and design ideas. Each document is a goldmine of priceless information, explaining what information to include, what you should avoid, and how to present your CV sections in the best possible light. With our help, your dream job is closer than you think.

Ready to write an interview-winning CV? Let’s run through:


    Sample communications manager CV


    Ben Worthington 14B Crown Way London W5 0FR 07912345678 Professional summary Creative Communication Manager with experience directing company marketing strategies. Keeps multiple channels up-to-date with current product, service and operations information. Identifies audiences and adapts content to deliver on key objectives. Work history March 2021 – Current Danto Office Supplies – London Communications Manager

    • Localised PR initiatives to maximise regional awareness and coverage.
    • Drafted press releases and speeches following organisational news and events.
    • Generated public awareness by publishing articles and case studies in targeted trade publications.
    • Consulted with executive management to develop communication policies and procedures for managing crises.

    January 2018 – February 2021 Paper International Ltd – London Communications Manager

    • Communicated with media outlets and journalists to create press kits.
    • Designed and created communication and marketing strategies for new product launches and promotions.
    • Designed and developed creative communication and marketing products to support programme objectives.
    • Identified and cultivated brand’s public voice by collaborating with internal and external teams.


    • Facilitating focus groups
    • Brand management
    • Exemplary written and verbal communication
    • Relationship building
    • B2B Public Relations
    • Innovative marketing strategy

    Education 2014 London University London Bachelor of Arts Communication Arts

    Communications manager CV template

    Alongside the below tips and tricks, we have plenty of other valuable resources to streamline the CV writing process. Our online builder and pre-made CV templates make it easier than ever to nail the structure, so you can focus on the all-important details.

    Choosing the right format for your communications manager CV

    You can spend hours creating an amazing CV, only for it to be ruined by poor presentation. We see this happen time and time again – candidates let themselves down with messy text and illogical sections. So, what’s the solution? We suggest choosing between popular CV formats to organise your writing. It’s impossible to go wrong when you stick with recruiter-recommended blueprints!.

    There are two widely accepted formats in the UK – the reverse-chronological CV and the skills-based CV. The former outlines your employment background, starting from your current or most recent role. The latter sells your potential and focuses on transferable skills like “creativity”, “leadership”, and “problem-solving”.

    Which is best for a communications manager? Hands down, the reverse-chronological layout. Employers will only consider candidates with tangible skills and a proven track record. As this is a managerial position, you must demonstrate your competence through real-world results. Skills-based CVs are only appropriate for people with minimal experience, such as school leavers or graduates.

    What else do you need to know? Here are a few extra tips to bear in mind:

    • Your CV should be one to two pages long maximum
    • Type in an approved CV font like Calibri or Times New Roman
    • Use headings, sections, and bullet points to maximise readability
    • Keep the overall tone friendly and formal
    • Send your CV as a Word or PDF file unless asked otherwise

    How to write a CV for a communications manager

    Don’t get yourself in a muddle over creating the perfect application. Instead, follow our expert advice and learn how to write a CV that’ll impress the trickiest hiring managers. The following sections break down everything you need to know into steps, including what information to include and answers to the most common CV writing questions. Keep reading as we explore:

    Outlining education on a CNC programmer CV

    Your qualifications can be thought of as the foundation of your CV. These are especially important for candidates searching for entry-level positions. Outline in detail your university, college, and any school courses you have completed. Also include any additional qualifications you may have, including professional training, or membership of official governing bodies.

    Make sure to add in only qualifications that are relevant and impressive to the job role that you are going for. This means highlighting qualifications that have led you to this application. Try to avoid any incomplete courses or poor grades you may have. Instead, make sure that all your qualifications are tailored to strengthen your CV.

    You might also need to omit old qualifications that won’t help you. For example, if you have a university degree you probably won’t need to outline your GCSEs.

    At this point you’re probably wondering what some of the basic requirements are to be a CNC programmer. Most employers will ask for a degree in a relevant field. An apprenticeship in CNC programming is also valuable but may not be enough on its own. Previous experience in a relevant position is often desired for entry-level positions, and essential for higher positions.

    Here are some things to include:

    • The name of the educational institution
    • Your start and end dates of study
    • Official title of your subject
    • The level of your qualification
    • Your qualification result

    Example of education for CNC programmer CV

    King’s College London | September 2019 – June 2022

    BSc in Computer Science: First-class honours

    South London College | September 2017 – August 2019

    A Levels – IT, Business Studies, Maths

    Adding contact details to your communications manager CV

    One of the biggest mistakes applicants make is forgetting to add their most up-to-date contact details at the top of the page. It might sound obvious, but it’s easy to do in the excitement of applying for your dream job. We recommend noting your information in the header and using a slightly larger or bolder font so it’s easy to find and read. Remember to include:

    • Full name – first name and surname
    • Location – including county and postcode
    • Phone number – mobile is preferable
    • Email address – keep it work-appropriate

    Example of contact section for a communications manager CV

    Ian Teller,

    14 Kincaid Road,


    Yorkshire, YH28 5KS,

    03456 234598,

    Start your communications manager CV with a personal statement

    The communications industry is highly competitive, and you’ll be up against multi-talented candidates. As such, you must write an eye-catching personal statement summarising why you’re the best person for the job. You only have three to four sentences to highlight your most valuable achievements, skills, and qualifications, so every word counts. Confused? Use our trusty formula below to get started.

    Sentence one introduces who you are, including career focus and years of experience. Sentence two is your bait – drop in a dazzling statistic and encourage the hiring manager to learn more. Lastly, sentences three and four underline your unique skills and specialisms. Perhaps, you’re a whizz on advertising law or speak multiple languages? Shout about whatever gives you the edge over your competitors.

    As for the dazzling statistic, this is a fact or figure that cements your capabilities. For instance, you might have “managed 50 marketing professionals” or “launched a high-profile media campaign that gained over 50,000 social media followers”. Whatever you choose, be as specific as possible – vagueness is every employer’s pet peeve!

    Here are some additional pointers to keep you on track:

    • Write in the third person to sound more professional
    • Stick to the word count – 50 to 100 words is ideal
    • Only include the most relevant and impressive information
    • Use scannable keywords – you can find these hard and soft skills in the job advertisement
    • Don’t discuss your career ambitions – save this for the cover letter

    Example of personal statement for a communications manager CV

    Passionate and highly motivated communications manager with eight years of experience in a large food production company. Currently lead a team of eight information officers and four senior information officers. Possess first-class written and verbal communication skills and a thorough understanding of communications tools and software. Confident presenting to key stakeholders and senior management boards.


    Creative and innovative communications manager with five years of experience in the fashion industry. Delivered over 20 high-profile media campaigns, boosting revenue by 213%. Handle all public relations for the company, including social media. Oversee press releases, comprehensive brochures, and other written material about the company.

    How to present your work history on a communications manager CV

    Arguably, the work history section is the most crucial part of a communications manager CV. Employers typically spend the most time here, unpicking your strengths, weaknesses, and accomplishments. Plus, they can see how long you usually stay with a company – a key consideration for brands that value loyalty and consistency.

    Start from your current or most recent role and list up to six responsibilities for each. We advise adding more detail for relevant positions that reflect the job advertisement. Outline the following:

    • Job title
    • Employment start and end dates
    • Company name
    • Company location
    • List of duties
    • Workplace achievements
    • Note references are available on request.

    Hiring managers receive hundreds of applications for each post, so how do you make yours stand out? Like the personal statement, provide concrete evidence of what you can achieve. Otherwise, the reader might think you’re full of hot air. Let’s say you “mentored staff” – can you expand on this? You might have “trained over 100 employees” or “created an industry-leading communications handbook that won a national award”. Basically, substantiate as many duties as possible to earn the employer’s respect!

    There’s nothing worse than a repetitive CV that states the obvious without offering anything exciting. To combat this, cover a diverse range of responsibilities to show the employer the scope of your talents. If you’ve mentioned “placing advertising campaigns” underneath one position, discuss “preparing monthly progress reports” in another. Leave out banal details like “answering telephone calls and emails” – this is junior-level stuff.

    The cherry on top? Sprinkle in plenty of positive adjectives and action verbs to elevate the tone. The former reveal more of your personality – you might be “creative”, “energetic”, and “thoughtful”. Action verbs are powerful alternatives to “responsible for”. Our favourites for communications managers include “directed”, “pitched”, and “publicised”.

    Example of work experience for a communications manager CV

    Senior Information Officer | Brindley’s Frozen Food, Northampton | November 2022 – Present

    • Overseeing the implementation of the annual marketing and communications plan.
    • Placing advertising and paid media campaigns across digital and print media.
    • Preparing presentations on products produced by the company for prospective clients.
    • Preparing first drafts of press releases.
    • Working with a team to plan and implement media campaigns.

    Communications Manager | While Foods International Ltd, Coventry | January 2018 – October 2022

    • Managed the UK communications team and mentored staff.
    • Oversaw company PR in the UK and liaised with colleagues worldwide.
    • Attended director-level senior management board to advise on communications.
    • Prepared monthly detailed progress reports on the effectiveness of communications for the CEO.

    Great skills to add on your communications manager CV

    CV skills set you apart when you’re up against equally experienced and qualified candidates. Alongside making it easier for hiring managers to assess your suitability for the role, ATS software loves scannable keywords and phrases. Grouping your top talents together is the safest way to squeeze past the algorithm. We advise noting up to 12 skills in total, split equally between hard skills and soft skills.

    What’s the difference? Hard skills are technical and learnt on the job. Examples include “editing press releases”, “using Google Analytics”, and “writing detailed communications reports”. In contrast, soft skills are character-based and much harder to learn – think “leadership”, “conflict resolution”, and “decision-making”.

    You need both to secure a coveted interview spot. You might be the most experienced candidate on paper but lack the people skills to collaborate effectively. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter how friendly you are if you don’t have the practical tools to turn ideas into action.

    Need a little more help? Check out the following lists:

    Essential skills for a communications manager

    • Strong project management skills
    • Exceptional communicator
    • Able to deliver impactful media campaigns
    • Proficient across Microsoft 365 applications
    • Experience managing external agencies

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Confident in developing audience-led content plans
    • Audience segmentation
    • Capable of managing social media channels
    • Expert report writing abilities
    • Talented multitasker who works well under pressure

    Outlining education on a communications manager CV

    Qualifications are the building blocks of your CV, supporting your experience and CV skills sections. You can discuss school, college, and university degrees, extracurricular training, and memberships to governing bodies. Ultimately, spotlight anything that proves you can get the job done!

    There are a few things to remember when outlining your education. Firstly, you don’t need to give bucket loads of detail for older qualifications, like GCSEs and A levels, especially if you’ve gone to university. Next, there’s no point in mentioning bad grades – while you should never lie, you might want to omit this information unless specifically asked.

    How do you become a communications manager? You’ll need to complete an undergraduate or postgraduate course in a relevant subject, such as “Communications”, “Journalism”, or “Public Relations”. During your studies, you’ll have the opportunity to learn on the job via placements.

    When summarising your education, cover the following:

    • Name of school, college, university, or other awarding body
    • Study start and end dates
    • Subject title
    • Qualification level – e.g. bachelor’s degree or A level
    • Qualification result

    Example of education for a communications manager CV

    MOL Manchester | January 2023 – April 2023

    CIPR Diploma in Public Relations

    PR Academy London | October 2022 – December 2022

    Internal Communications Diploma

    Leicester University | September 2020 – June 2022

    BA in Communication Arts: First-class honours

    Leicester 6th Form College | September 2018 – June 2020

    4 A levels: Media Studies (A), English (A), Geography (B), and Business studies (B)

    Leicester High School | September 2013 – June 2018

    11 GCSEs at grades A – C

    Top dos and don’ts for communications manager CV writing


    • DO highlight your soft skills

      Communications managers deal with people every day, from internal employees and key stakeholders to third-party agencies and media outlets. Consequently, they must have an exhaustive library of relevant soft skills, such as “patience”, “diplomacy” and “persuasion”. Let your personality shine through to sway the hiring manager.

    • DO include plenty of keywords

      What are keywords? Essentially, they’re scannable words or phrases that confirm your suitability for the role. You’ll find plenty of these core abilities in the job advertisement, so we suggest scattering a few throughout your personal statement, work experience, and cover letter. Keywords also help CV scanning software assess your application.


    • DON’T forget your cover letter

      Your cover letter is a one-page document summarising who you are, why you’re interested in the position, and what you can bring to the table. Many companies no longer accept applications without one, so it’s a good idea to do your research. Plus, you can use the cover letter to provide extra information, like notice periods and carer ambitions.

    • DON’T send your CV without spell-checking

      Communications managers must have a keen eye for detail. After all, they’re in charge of writing, editing, and approving media and marketing materials. Spelling mistakes would seriously scupper your chances of success, so check and double-check your CV before sending it across.


    Your communications manager CV questions answered

    What is the role of a communications manager?

    Communications managers nurture a brand’s identity by aligning all internal and external messaging. They do everything from writing press releases to training employees on company values. Best of all, every day presents new and exciting challenges. Some of the core responsibilities include:

    • Securing press and media coverage
    • Overseeing social media activities and social media analytics
    • Copywriting and editing
    • Liaising with internal departments and third-party agencies
    • Responding to emergencies and PR crises

    What skills do communications managers need?

    The best communications managers are creative and logical. The former helps them create or contribute to engaging marketing and media campaigns. The latter is crucial for compiling detailed analytics reports to track success. Some of the key skills employers search for are:

    • Prioritising workloads and meeting deadlines
    • Ability to use CRM tools
    • Basic design skills
    • Competent project manager
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

    What is the difference between a marketing manager and a communications manager?

    Although marketing managers and communications managers work together to deliver effective campaigns, they aren’t the same job. Marketing managers often create materials that promote and sell products or services. In contrast, communications managers don’t necessarily sell products. Instead, they oversee company news, media reports, and brand identity.

    Is a communications manager a good job?

    Absolutely! Communications is a highly competitive field, and there are always talented graduates hoping to kick-start their careers. The position is fast-paced and exciting, so no two days look alike. Plus, the salary is often lucrative. Expect anywhere between £45,000 to £72,000, depending on experience.

    Create a convincing communications manager CV today

    The above communications manager CV sample is an example of an interview-winning application. However, it’s only one helpful resource on this website for communications managers to use. You should look at some of the others, follow the guidance on this site, and use our vast array of professional CV examples and CV templates to create your own.


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