Safety and security roles come with a lot of responsibility. While you may have what it takes, you need your CV to reinforce that to secure the interview. Whether you’re a security officer, guard, or door supervisor, our CV examples can show you how it’s done.


Scope out these tips to
build your next CV

Whether you’re new to the security industry or a seasoned officer, your CV needs to be solid, presentable, and catch the eye of the right people. These tips can help do just that.

  • Mention special training

    Through previous jobs and courses, you may have special training for the use of equipment such as handcuffs and tasers, or physical contact restraint methods. Make sure they are listed, as it could set you apart.
  • Patrol the format

    Is your CV readable? It should be easy to scan and digest so that hiring managers can clearly see your experience and passion for the role. Keep the format simple and easy to follow. List the most pertinent jobs and describe your most notable accomplishments achieved through each one.
  • Strengthen your opening statement

    Make a powerful impact from the beginning by summarising your experience and abilities. Hiring managers don’t spend long on each CV, so if you want to land your next security role, be sure this statement stands out.
  • Don’t forget skills

    Security and safety officers need to have strong attention to detail to be aware of subtle changes in the environment as well as deductive skills to respond to emergency situations. Concisely note down all skills you possess.
  • Proofread it

    In security roles, a simple error can lead to serious issues. Read through your CV at least twice in order to catch any mistakes. Reading aloud can help you spot any errors or lengthy sentences that need to be condensed.

Secure the right safety and security CV

Don’t let your next CV fall under the radar. With the help of myPerfectCV’s easy-to-use CV builder, you can tailor a solid and secure CV. Use our CV examples alongside pre-made templates and polished content for a range of safety and security roles.


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