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Second in command to the general manager, deputy manager jobs are a vital part of a company or department’s hierarchy. They bridge the gap between the manager and their team, allowing for better delegation, coordination, and management overall.

Whether you’re applying externally or looking to take a step up from your existing role at a company, you’ll need a great deputy manager CV. If you want to get a better understanding of the deputy manager meaning, duties, and essential requirements, our CV examples can help. That’s paired with the best tips and advice, covering every aspect of deputy manager CVs.


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    Deputy manager CV templates

    Top tips for your deputy manager CV

    If you’re wondering what the best deputy manager CV examples have in common, it all starts with the simple tips and tricks below…

    • Use the right CV format

      Experience is paramount for deputy manager jobs. To put your work history front and centre, a classic reverse chronological format is best. Put simply, that means listing your previous 3-4 roles with the responsibilities at each job, starting with the most recent. Doing so allows recruiters to see your most relevant experience first, then work backwards to dig deeper if they choose.
    • Choose a professional design

      With any good deputy manager CV example, you’ll notice that the design is just as impressive as the content itself. The same should be true for your deputy manager CV. Some good rules to follow are:
    • Tailor your work history

      Most job descriptions list the responsibilities for the position they’re hiring. You can use this to tailor your CV to specific deputy manager jobs. Note down the deputy manager duties that are required, then consider which of them align with your previous roles. If you have experience in customer service from your time as a store assistant, for example, include it on your CV.
    • Back it up with numbers

      Specific figures are a great way to add weight to your deputy manager CV. By doing a bit of research into your current or previous roles, you can upgrade “reduced staff turnover” to “reduced staff turnover by 20% year-on-year”. It shows recruiters exactly what you’re capable of, making them more likely to get in touch.
    • A note on length

      As a passionate deputy manager, you could probably talk for hours about your role, experiences and skills. On a deputy manager CV, that can easily turn into 3 or more pages. However, it’s much better to stay concise with one or two pages as a maximum. Remember, recruiters have a lot of CVs to get through, so they want the information to be clear and easy to read. If there’s anything in particular you want to expand on, you can do so in a cover letter.

    Deputy manager skills to include in your CV

    There are a number of qualities and capabilities required to equip you for deputy manager duties. Show recruiters you’re the perfect fit by adding the following skills to your CV:

    Must-have skills for deputy manager jobs

    • Performance monitoring
    • Regulatory knowledge
    • Report writing
    • Customer service skills
    • Business acumen
    • Delegation

    Soft skills to set your CV apart

    • Project management
    • Good communication
    • Approachable
    • Well organised
    • Problem solving ability
    • Self-motivated

    Deputy manager personal statement

    Much like a deputy manager takes charge on behalf of their superior, a great personal statement can take care of the introduction to engage recruiters at the start of your deputy manager CV.

    Sticking to 3-4 sentences, your personal statement should detail your background as a deputy manager including the sector you work within and how many years of experience you have.

    Be sure to pick out a few key skills and personal qualities that set you apart as a candidate. Doing so will make recruiters want to find out more in your work history section, which will go into more detail about your deputy manager duties.

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    Top FAQs about your deputy manager CVs

    What is a deputy manager?

    As the name suggests, a deputy manager is second in command to a general manager. Above all else, they work to support the manager with their duties, taking direction from the general manager on a day-to-day basis as well as managing their own projects on the manager’s behalf. They may also be required to take charge when the general manager is not available, potentially at short notice due to sickness, for example.

    What does a deputy manager do?

    Deputy manager duties can vary depending on the requirements of their manager. They typically deal with staff management and motivation, recruitment and training, and various other administrative tasks like policy development or strategic planning. As mentioned above, duties can also extend to management and leadership in the absence of the general manager.

    What makes a good deputy manager?

    A good deputy manager strikes the right balance between initiative and leadership. They’re capable of directly handling projects and delegating to a staff team on their manager’s behalf. They’re hard-working and well organised with great communication skills and the ability to lead when called upon. In some cases, deputy manager duties also require good written and numerical skills to assist with budgeting and reporting.

    How to become a deputy manager

    Deputy manager jobs don’t always require formal training or qualifications. Skills and industry knowledge can often be learnt on the job, with deputy managers working their way up through the ranks from a junior role to department manager and eventually deputy manager. That said, candidates with a degree or similar qualifications may progress more quickly through those ranks. Similarly, any qualifications or on-the-job training in management will stand you in good stead for progression.

    How much does a deputy manager earn?

    A deputy manager salary is typically between £25,000 to £30,000. This can vary depending on the size of the company, your deputy manager duties, and the location of the role, with city centres (London in particular) offering higher salaries.

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