Deputy manager jobs are a vital part of a company or department’s hierarchy. They bridge the gap between the manager and their team, allowing for better delegation, coordination, and management overall.

You need a great deputy manager CV, whether you’re applying externally or looking to take a step up from your existing role at a company. In short, your CV should be short, engaging, and packed with information.

 If you want to get a better understanding of the deputy manager meaning, du:ties, and essential requirements, our CV examples can help. That’s paired with the best tips and advice, covering every aspect of deputy manager CVs. With an extensive library of resources, you’ll find it easy to create a CV that works perfectly for a deputy manager position. Are you ready to start writing your deputy manager CV? Here’s what we’ll cover:


    Sample deputy manager CV

    deputy manager CV example 1

    Samantha James

    4 Bold Street
    Liverpool L1 4JG

    Professional Summary

    Dynamic and results-driven Deputy Manager with 6+ years of experience in managing teams, improving operational efficiency, and delivering exceptional customer service. Skilled in staff training, process improvement, and problem-solving. Proven track record of driving sales and achieving targets. Adept at building strong relationships with customers and stakeholders. Seeking a challenging role to leverage expertise and contribute to the success of a progressive organisation.

    Work history

    March 2022 – Current, Her Beauty Retail – Liverpool
    Deputy Manager

    • Led a team of 20+ employees, providing guidance and support to ensure smooth store operations.
    • Implemented training programs to enhance staff skills and improve customer service.
    • Developed and implemented strategies to increase sales and achieve revenue targets.
    • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

    February 2019 – February 2022, Tesco Express – Liverpool
    Assistant Manager

    • Assisted in managing daily store operations, including inventory management and customer service.
    • Trained and supervised a team of 15+ employees, ensuring adherence to company policies and procedures.
    • Implemented promotional activities to drive sales and increase customer footfall.
    • Resolved customer complaints and inquiries in a timely and satisfactory manner.

    January 2016 – January 2019, Carol’s Convenience Store – Liverpool
    Shift Supervisor

    • Managed shift operations, including cash handling, inventory management, and staff scheduling.
    • Provided training and guidance to new employees, ensuring smooth onboarding and adherence to company standards.
    • Handled customer inquiries and resolved issues to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.
    • Collaborated with the store manager to implement process improvements and achieve sales targets.


    • Team Leadership
    • Sales Management
    • Customer Service
    • Process Improvement
    • Inventory Management
    • Problem-Solving
    • Staff Training
    • Communication


    2017, University of Liverpool Manchester
    Bachelor of Commerce Commerce

    Deputy manager CV template

    If you want to create the perfect CV for a deputy manager, there are some important targets you need to hit. With a CV template, you’ll be able to ensure you get everything right and that the process is fast and easy. Consider our CV templates to create a CV that will help you find the perfect job for you.

    Which format is right on a CV for deputy manager applicants?

    First off, it’s important to choose the optimal CV format for a deputy manager position. Choosing the right structure will play a pivotal role in ensuring that your CV aligns with your level of experience, presenting your information in a clear and effective way. While there are many formats available there is one that stands out above all others.

    For a deputy manager, we’d suggest using a reverse-chronological format. This will begin with your current or most recent role, then work backwards through time to outline each of your roles, acting as a comprehensive work history that will inform potential employers.

    Here are some additional tips for you to consider when choosing the structure of your CV:

    • Choose a professional font like Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri.
    • Submit your CV in either Word or PDF format.
    • Tailor your response to the job advertisement, ensuring that your format aligns with their specifications.
    • Craft your CV to be concise, ideally spanning one or two pages.
    • Enhance readability by adding headings, bullet point lists, and section breaks to break up lengthy bodies of text.

    How to write a CV for deputy manager

    In the following sections, we will delve into the process of crafting an effective CV tailored for the role of deputy manager. Continue reading for guidance on how to write a CV.

    Explore each vital section to ensure a comprehensive representation of your qualifications, including:

    Adding contact details to your deputy manager CV

    One of the most important first steps is to include your contact details in your document. Although this might seem intuitive, many candidates forget this initial stage. It’s important to add a clear set of contact details so that the hiring manager can contact you. There’s nothing worse than them liking your CV but not being able to get ahold of you to begin the next stage of the process.

    How should you structure this section? You won’t have to use much space to get it right. Use a small section near the top of your document and make sure to write the information in a clear, bold or large font. 

    Do you need some more tips regarding your contact details section? Here’s what you should add: 

    • Full name – middle name optional
    • Location – providing the employer with your base location
    • Phone number – opt for a mobile number for accessibility
    • Email address – select a professional work email address

    Example of contact section for deputy manager CV

    Edward Wallace
    5 Kendell Street,
    Sheffield S15EH

    Deputy manager CV personal statement

    Much like a deputy manager takes charge on behalf of their superior, a great personal statement can take care of the introduction to engage recruiters at the start of your deputy manager CV.

    Sticking to 3-4 sentences, your personal statement should detail your background as a deputy manager including the sector you work within and how many years of experience you have.

    Although you won’t have many words to work with, crafting a compelling statement can be streamlined by following a simple formula. Begin with an opening line that introduces you as a candidate, providing a succinct overview of your identity and career focus. Don’t worry about detailed discussions about future career plans, instead emphasise your level of experience to convey your commitment to the role.

    In your second sentence, take the opportunity to use a real world statistic or achievement to lend a sense of authority to your statement. This could include accomplishments like managing a team of over 40 members. 

    Your third and fourth sentences should highlight any key skills or specialisms that you possess. Whether you have experience team building, sales, or recruitment, make sure you write them down. 

    Be sure to also pick out some personal qualities that set you apart as a candidate. Doing so will make recruiters want to find out more in your work history section, which will go into more detail about your deputy manager duties.

    Need some other tips for your personal statement? Consider the following: 

    • Use engaging language throughout, including action verbs and positive adjectives.
    • Make sure you proofread your statement to ensure it’s free from errors.
    • Maintain a professional tone throughout by writing in the third person.

    Example of a personal statement for deputy manager CV

    Punctual Deputy Manager looking to obtain a position where outstanding communication and problem-solving talents can be fully utilised. Positive, ambitious and motivational. Proven background in providing supervision and development opportunities to associates.


    Experienced deputy manager with over five years of experience in administration. Supervised and motivated a team of over 40 employees to enhance company operations. Highly skilled in recruiting, sales, decision making and organisation. 

    Deputy manager CV work experience

    Let’s dive into what many consider the most crucial segment of your CV, especially for a senior role like a deputy manager. The work experience section requires a detailed work history to assure the employer of your extensive experience and effectiveness in the role. Your work history should captivate the reader, and the more relevant experiences you highlight, the better.

    Always tailor your response directly to the job advert. Identify keywords and seamlessly integrate them into your body of experience. For instance, if the job ad specifies experience with team building, ensure you incorporate this expertise at least once or twice.

    Adhering to a reverse-chronological format simplifies the process of listing previous experiences. Start with your current or most recent role, detailing up to six key responsibilities. Repeat this for each preceding role, ensuring each responsibility is distinct. The goal is to present a comprehensive overview of your candidacy.

    Maintain a formal yet friendly tone throughout. Combine enthusiasm with impressive facts and figures as you articulate your most notable achievements. Use positive adjectives, such as “organised” or “responsible”, and action verbs to convey your proactive contributions. This approach enhances engagement for the reader, making this section more compelling.

    Example of work experience for a deputy manager CV

    Deputy Manager, 12/2022 to Current
    Somersby’s Department Store – Sheffield

    • Supervised and motivated 40 employees.
    • Created reports, analysed and interpreted data, including expenses, competition information, and revenues.
    • Implemented new team onboarding programme, reducing training time from 4 weeks to 2.

    Department Manager, 10/2020 – 11/2022
    Smith & Jones Emporium Sheffield

    • Improved staffing during busy periods by creating employee schedules and monitoring call-outs.
    • Reviewed established policies and procedures to take on temporary leadership positions, motivate employees and facilitate smooth retail operations.
    • Directed training and retraining of departmental employees to boost performance and enhance business results. 

    Deputy manager CV skills

    Next up, we have the skills section of your CV. This is the place where you can list to the reader all of your most reliable traits and skills you’ve gained over the years. This is another important section you shouldn’t skip, for many recruiters will look here straight away to see if you have the basic skills required for the position.

    So how do you create a compelling skills section for your CV? You should add up to 12 skills in total, mixed between hard and soft skills. Hard skills are those you have learned through education, or through direct work experience. Soft skills, in contrast, are closer to positive personal traits. A recruiter will want to see a balance of both of these, so it’s a good choice to add as many of each as you can.

    A hiring manager will want somebody who has the must-have skills required for the job, for example report writing, customer service skills, and business acumen. But they will also want somebody who has personal skills that make them easy to work with. This is especially true for a deputy manager, who will need skills such as good communication, project management, and general organisation.

    There are a number of qualities and capabilities required to equip you for deputy manager duties. Show recruiters you’re the perfect fit by adding the following skills to your CV:

    Must-have skills for deputy manager jobs

    • Performance monitoring
    • Regulatory knowledge
    • Report writing
    • Customer service skills
    • Business acumen
    • Delegation

    Soft skills to set your CV apart

    • Project management
    • Good communication
    • Approachable
    • Well organised
    • Problem solving ability
    • Self-motivated

    Deputy manager CV education

    The final significant section to enhance your CV is the education section. This provides you with an opportunity to illuminate your educational background, showcasing your most noteworthy qualifications. This is your chance to show you have the brains to back up your relevant skills and experience. So, what holds significance for a deputy manager?

    Commence with your highest qualifications, incorporating any completed professional training or membership to official bodies. For a deputy manager, you’ll want to include the highest level of education you have. This can vary depending on the field you’re attached to, but the higher the qualification the better. 

    As a general rule, exclude any incomplete or lower-grade achievements, focusing instead on qualifications that spotlight the pinnacle of your academic career. For instance, prioritise your undergraduate degree (or master’s, if applicable), especially if it aligns with the field your deputy manager position is in.

    When presenting your academic accomplishments, consider including:

    • Name of the educational institution
    • Start and end dates of your academic course
    • Official title of the field of study
    • Qualification level attained
    • Qualification outcome or result

     Example of education for a deputy manager CV

    A Levels – Hallam Academy Sixth Form, Sheffield

    Business Studies, Economics, General Studies
    A, B, C


    Your deputy manager CV questions answered

    What is a deputy manager?

    As the name suggests, a deputy manager is second in command to a general manager. Above all else, they work to support the manager with their duties, taking direction from the general manager on a day-to-day basis as well as managing their own projects on the manager’s behalf. They may also be required to take charge when the general manager is not available, potentially at short notice due to sickness, for example.

    What does a deputy manager do?

    Deputy manager duties can vary depending on the requirements of their manager. They typically deal with staff management and motivation, recruitment and training, and various other administrative tasks like policy development or strategic planning. As mentioned above, duties can also extend to management and leadership in the absence of the general manager.

    What makes a good deputy manager?

    A good deputy manager strikes the right balance between initiative and leadership. They’re capable of directly handling projects and delegating to a staff team on their manager’s behalf. They’re hard-working and well organised with great communication skills and the ability to lead when called upon. In some cases, deputy manager duties also require good written and numerical skills to assist with budgeting and reporting.

    How to become a deputy manager?

    Deputy manager jobs don’t always require formal training or qualifications. Skills and industry knowledge can often be learnt on the job, with deputy managers working their way up through the ranks from a junior role to department manager and eventually deputy manager. That said, candidates with a degree or similar qualifications may progress more quickly through those ranks. Similarly, any qualifications or on-the-job training in management will stand you in good stead for progression.

    How much does a deputy manager earn?

    Competition can be fierce for the role of deputy manager, meaning your CV is of utmost importance. At myPerfectCV, we can help you with every step of the CV writing process. Let our deputy manager CV examples guide the way and show you how it’s done, choose from a selection of CV templates on our online builder, then fill your CV with the skills, responsibilities, and qualifications that recruiters are looking for with help from our pre-written content.

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    Competition can be fierce for the role of deputy manager, meaning your CV is of utmost importance. At myPerfectCV, we can help you with every step of the CV writing process. Let our deputy manager CV examples guide the way and show you how it’s done, choose from a selection of CV templates on our online builder, then fill your CV with the skills, responsibilities, and qualifications that recruiters are looking for with help from our pre-written content.


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