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Unlike IT technicians or specialists, IT managers typically take charge of a company’s entire IT setup, from identifying the proper hardware and software to making updates and providing support. While the role can vary from company to company, IT managers will often lead other IT staff, manage budgets or resources, and create and implement digital strategy for their employer.

As we head further into the digital age, the role of IT manager, here in the UK especially, is growing in importance for companies in almost every sector. To ensure your CV is up to the job, we’ve pulled together all the best IT manager CV samples, professional templates, and invaluable CV writing tips straight from recruiters.


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    As an IT manager, you’ll know the importance of a user-friendly interface. Your CV is no different, and a recruiter is the end-user. With our professional templates, you can choose between a range of pre-made styles perfect for the wide-ranging skills and expertise required for a polished IT manager CV format.

    Program your IT manager CV for success with our top recruiter tips

    Make sure your IT manager CV is entirely bug-free. We’ve scoured the best examples to create a few ‘hacks’ of our own that will put you top of any recruiter database.

    • Code in the keywords

      It would be too ironic for an IT manager CV to be denied by a piece of software. Many recruiters use ATS software to scan CVs for key phrases, filtering down the applicants as a first pass. To avoid this, go through the job description and note down and essential IT manager skills like ‘cyber security’, ‘staff training’, or ‘cloud computing’. Then make sure you include them at least once in your CV doc.

    • Cover all bases in your work history

      The required skills for IT managers are numerous and wide-ranging. To make sure your CV covers all bases, try focusing your previous job roles on specific duties and responsibilities. Don’t waste the word count listing responsibilities from your most recent senior position, for example. If this has already been covered, show how you’ve managed a team, dealt with budgets, or advised on your company’s digital strategy.

    • Strike a balance between technical and readable

      When you’re describing your technical skills in an IT manager CV, it’s only natural that you’ll need to use some acronyms, jargon, and advanced terms. But try not to overdo it. Remember that recruiters aren’t necessarily IT wizards, so too much of the techy stuff could see them put your CV to one side. Keep things clear and concise wherever possible, and if there’s a more specific word, use it.

    • Show that you’re up to date

      IT is continuously advancing. The topics covered in your IT degree could be vastly different from those studied today. While diplomas and degrees are a vital foundation for recruiters, it’s essential to list the training and certifications you’ve gained throughout your career too. Whether it’s a Microsoft certification, cybersecurity training, or a part-time CDP course, be sure to list them among your qualifications.

    • Check and check again

      Whether you’re picking apart IT budgets or troubleshooting a piece of software, IT managers need a keen eye for detail. Your CV won’t reflect that attention to detail if it’s littered with typos and other errors. Read through your IT manager CV to eliminate any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes, and above all else, ensure everything makes sense.

    Skills and knowledge needed for an IT manager

    Responsible for various technologies, systems, and people, IT managers require a unique, diverse skill set. Here are some must-have qualities and optional attributes for your CV. An IT manager’s skills list will include a mix of hard (technical) and soft skills.

    Must-have IT manager skills and competencies

    • Comprehensive IT know-how
    • Agile and scrum expertise
    • Teamwork and communication
    • Leadership
    • Decision-making
    • Problem-solving
    • Relevant IT degree

    Additional IT manager skills

    • Strategy creation
    • Budgeting
    • Staff management
    • Hardware maintenance
    • Specialist IT training

    Frequently asked questions about IT manager CVs

    What is the role of an IT manager?

    IT managers are broadly responsible for a company or organisation’s IT system, including both hardware and software. As demonstrated in our CV samples, IT managers take care of system updates or upgrades, cybersecurity, and ongoing maintenance and support. In many cases, the role also covers; IT’s financial side and the recruitment and management of staff to meet the company’s unique requirements.

    What skills are needed to be an IT manager?

    IT managers require a good balance of personal qualities and technical know-how. An in-depth understanding of companies’ hardware and software (broadly or in a specialist sector) is a must, along with the ability to work effectively with other departments, lead your own IT team, and communicate clearly across different business levels.

    How much does an IT manager earn in the UK?

    According to careers website Glassdoor, UK IT managers typically earn around £50,000 a year. Salaries can vary quite a bit depending on the company and its size and IT’s importance. As you might expect, it’s also affected by location, with a rise in city-centre areas, especially in London.

    Are IT managers in demand?

    As with most jobs in IT, managers are very much in demand. With more of the business conducted online, especially following the shift to remote working, many companies are expanding their IT budget and want the right people to make the most out of it.

    What do you need to study to be an IT manager?

    Most IT managers have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study, such as computer science, IT engineering, or software development. However, some IT managers will also have a Master’s degree or additional specialist training in cloud computing, cybersecurity, or IT management.

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