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Whether it’s continually assessing infrastructure or designing a cybersecurity strategy, IT specialists are looked to for their unparalleled IT knowledge in various forms. While there is some overlap with an IT manager’s role, specialists are typically more hands-on in their role, using their knowledge to directly shape, fix, or advise on a company’s IT systems.

Given the high level of responsibility that comes with the role, IT specialists require a high technical skill level backed by respected qualifications and a wealth of experience. Our CV examples and CV writing tips demonstrate how to show this clearly, concisely, and professionally.


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    As an IT specialist, you’ll know your area of expertise like the back of your hand. The same can’t be said for CV writing, but that’s not an issue. Our recruiter tips will help you master the art of CV writing quicker than you can say ‘IT infrastructure’.

    Specialise in CV writing with our tips for IT specialists

    As an IT specialist, you’ll know your area of expertise like the back of your hand. The same can’t be said for CV writing, but that’s not an issue. Our recruiter tips will help you master the art of CV writing quicker than you can say ‘IT infrastructure’.

    • Write for non-specialists

      It’s only natural for IT specialists to use technical terms and abbreviations. But it’s important to remember that the recruiters reading your CV might not be as familiar with the industry jargon as you are. Rather than impressing them, it will simply mean they skip past the point you’re making, missing out on your duties, skills, or experience. Try to keep things simple and use plain English whenever you can.

    • Highlight your specialism

      Unlike more general IT managers or technicians, IT specialists usually have a specific area of focus within IT. Whether it’s software development or IT security, make your specialism clear from the get-go with a concise professional summary. Your area of expertise should be backed up throughout your CV, including specific duties in your work history and relevant qualifications.

    • Keep it current

      Nobody knows better than you how quickly IT can change. Trends, technology, and best practices are constantly advancing, year on year or even week on week! With that in mind, it’s important that your CV shows you’re not resting on your laurels. List any training you’ve completed or certifications you’ve acquired throughout your career, and express an eagerness to continue learning and stay up to date in your professional summary.

    • Pull out your IT specialist skills

      With so many duties and responsibilities, it’s easy for your technical skills to get lost in your work history or professional summary. A dedicated skills section will allow you to list specific capabilities and qualities, which essentially tick a box for recruiters. Use a bullet-pointed list to stay concise, so recruiters can get the information they need without any fuss.

    • Remember ATS software

      As an IT specialist, you’re no stranger to software. Neither are the majority of recruiters who use ATS software to filter CVs based on must-have key-phrases. It could be an area of expertise like ‘cloud computing’, a responsibility such as digital transformation strategy, or just a qualification like a Masters in IT. To make sure you pass the first hurdle, read through the IT specialist job description, pick out any essential requirements, and include them on your CV.

    What skills do you need on an IT specialist CV?

    It’s not just IT qualifications and certifications that make an IT specialist good at their job. The role requires several technical skills and personal qualities, which your CV will need to highlight. Your IT specialist technical skills will cover the systems and the processes you use in your day to day role, the technology stacks you’ve used, and any code language fluency.

    Essential skills to list on an IT specialist CV

    • Up-to-date hardware and software expertise
    • Competence with cloud-based infrastructure
    • Strong communication (written and verbal)
    • Project management
    • Organisation and time management
    • Analytical and problem solving

    Further skills for IT specialist CVs

    • Strategic planning and report writing
    • Leadership and management
    • Budgeting and finance
    • Hardware maintenance
    • Teamwork

    Top FAQs for IT specialist CVs

    What is an IT specialist’s job description?

    IT specialist job descriptions call for a wealth of IT experience, typically with a specific focus or area of expertise. You’ll need a proven track record as an IT technician and, ideally, a similar specialist role. The description will include a range of duties, including technical advice and strategic support and more general management tasks like resource planning and budgeting.

    What is an IT specialist responsible for?

    IT specialists are responsible for high-level technical decisions relating to a company’s IT infrastructure and software. They will assess the systems in place, recommend upgrades or improvements, and develop strategies to improve efficiency or even cut costs. They also have several day-to-day duties, including staff training and support, hardware and software installation, and other IT staff management.

    What should an IT specialist know?

    IT specialist technical skills and know-how vary depending on the requirements of a specific role. Generally, they will need to know the hardware and software used by a company or within a particular industry and be aware of any ongoing developments or trends relating to those systems.

    What is an IT specialist’s salary?

    According to careers website Glassdoor, IT specialists earn an average of £44,000 a year in the UK. Salaries range from £26,000 up to £67,000 depending on experience, location, company size, and the duties involved in the job itself. IT specialists who are required to manage other staff, for example, may typically earn more.

    Are IT specialists in demand?

    IT plays a huge role in almost every business sector. As hardware, software, and working methods continue to change and develop; companies need to keep up with or even stay ahead of their competitors. IT specialists are in demand for any business that continually improves its IT systems to equip a modern workforce more effectively.

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    IT specialists have so much value to offer employers. The challenge is showing that value on your CV. At myPerfectCV, we make it a breeze with IT specialist CV examples, hand-picked templates, and the best tips. Using our CV builder, you can search for duties, skills, and professional summaries tailored to IT specialist job descriptions, then download your CV ready to impress recruiters.

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