From practise nurses to phlebotomists to psychologists, it’s critical for recruiters to find the right person for medical roles. The best way to diagnose that is through your CV. Our medical CV examples demonstrate how to highlight your qualifications, outline your expertise and structure your experience to show that you’re fully fit for the job at hand.


Make sure your CV is in
tip-top condition

Your medical CV needs to be in perfect health. By following these tips, you can create a professional CV that will help you take the next step in your career.

  • Tailor your content

    Whether you’re applying to be a doctor in Dundee or a pharmacist in Portsmouth, listening is one of the top skills for all medical professionals. Show recruiters that you have paid attention to the job listing by tailoring your CV to each application.
  • Polish your personal statement

    Your personal statement is your first chance to show employers how you tick. Use it to highlight your area of expertise but also important soft skills, such as reliability, communication, and your ability to keep calm under pressure.
  • Triple-check your spelling and grammar

    As a medical professional, people’s lives can depend on your attention to detail. A typo could suggest to recruiters that you’re a bit careless, so don’t give them the wrong idea. Always proofread your CV for spelling, grammar, and silly mistakes before you submit.
  • Include keywords

    Don’t let your CV be discounted early. More recruiters use scanning software to make the right appointment. Check the job listing or person specification to get a better idea of which key phrases they’re looking for, then include as many as you can naturally within your medical CV.

Create your medical CV today

Give your CV a clean bill of health. As well as the best medical CV examples, myPerfectCV offers a comprehensive CV builder to help you present your experience in the best way possible. From choosing a template to downloading your finished CV, we’ll guide you through the whole process and help you take the next step.


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