Our pharmaceutical CV examples are just what the doctor (or recruiter) ordered. Whether you’re a graduate or an experienced pharmacist’s assistant on the hunt for a new challenge, you can find the perfect formula for your CV – and get ready to take your next step in one of the UK’s most important sectors.


The prescription for a perfect pharmaceutical CV

Find the ideal remedy for your pharmaceutical CV. These steps will help your application shine, with tried & tested tips to make sure your CV passes quality control.

  • Don’t just list your everyday experience

    Although recruiters will want to know about your past experience, don’t limit yourself to listing your old job spec. Highlight your achievements by including statistics that show off the impact you’ve had in the workplace – such as boosting profits making a pharmaceutical procedure more efficient.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread

    Whether you’ve worked as a pharmacist in Falkirk or pharmacy technician in Truro, attention to detail will have been a key part of your job. Show recruiters, you have what it takes with a CV that’s completely error-free.
  • Show recruiters you care

    A great CV should showcase your passion as well as your experience. Use your personal statement to briefly explain what makes you tick – whether it’s a genuine interest in patient care or a fascination with drug technology.
  • Include keywords

    You’ve spent a lot of time on your pharmaceutical CV, so having it rejected by a piece of software would be a bitter pill to swallow. Always make sure to include keywords from the job listing in your application, as this will help it to pass through scanning software which many recruiters use to search for the most relevant CVs.

Build your own pharmaceutical CV

With myPerfectCV, trial and error is a thing of the past. Say hello to recruiter-ready results and build your own CV using our proven CV builder. With professional templates and pre-written content, you’ll find the perfect formula for your pharmaceutical CV and be ready to dispense it to the world.


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