The perfect web developer CV outlines your grasp of the technical aspects of the role and shows how you’ve used your skills to deliver in previous jobs. It enables recruiters to quickly scan for keywords such as JavaScript and Agile Scrum, while also communicating your ability to collaborate as part of a bigger team.

Our web developer CV example (UK) demonstrates how it’s done by outlining a candidate’s skills, qualifications, and web developer career to date. Below you’ll find some invaluable CV writing tips to help you master your own in-house or freelance web developer CV.


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    Web developer CV templates

    Web developer CV – UK tips

    If you want to create the best web developer CV, follow these simple tips to keep recruiters happy…

    • Code in your specialism

      Web development isn’t about guesswork. Recruiters want someone who knows their stuff for the required programming languages and technologies. Whether it’s HTML and CSS like our web developer CV sample or JavaScript and PHP, you should include your areas of expertise in your personal statement, so recruiters know what they’re getting from the get-go, then back them up in your skills and work history sections.

    • Present your web developer CV

      There are two key elements to presenting your back- or front-end web developer CV – the design and the structure. The typical CV format for web developer applications is reverse-chronological – listing your previous roles with the most recent first. This gives recruiters the most relevant information first, with the option to work backwards through your career. For the design, you want to balance interesting and impressive with professional. A web developer CV template download can make things easier.

    • Let the job description guide the way

      The web developer job description is a treasure chest when it comes to figuring out what recruiters are looking for. It gives you a web developer CV objective, whether it’s highlighting your specialism in a specific programming language or showcasing your years of experience in similar roles. Go through the job description or listing and note down any key requirements that you meet or exceed, then tailor your junior or senior web developer CV to show how fit the bill.

    • Play to your strengths

      It’s important to know where your strengths lie when writing your web developer CV. If it’s a graduate web developer CV or junior web developer CV, for example, you’re not going to have the same experience as a senior web developer. What you can do, however, is emphasise your qualifications and how they’ve equipped you for the duties and responsibilities listed in the web developer job description. If you’re applying with no experience whatsoever, a skills-based CV format may be the best fit.

    • Stay concise and on-point

      It’s important that your CV is concise enough for recruiters to skim-read in a matter of minutes. Even the most experienced front end web developer CV, for example, shouldn’t exceed two pages. If you find yourself wanting to add more, remember that you can provide more detail on your suitability for the role in a cover letter. Linking to a web developer CV website or portfolio is another way to set your application apart without making your CV hard for recruiters to navigate.

    Web developer CV – skills to include

    Whether you’re getting started with a junior web developer CV template or reworking an existing CV, there are a number of web developer skills that are highly sought after by recruiters.

    Core web developer skills

    • Programming languages
    • Web development software
    • Troubleshooting
    • Website optimisation
    • Testing and debugging
    • UX and UI knowledge

    Soft skills that recruiters love

    • Project management
    • Problem solving
    • Clear communication
    • Attention to detail
    • Creativity
    • Analytical ability

    Web developer CV – top FAQs

    What is web development?

    Web development is a broad term that covers everything involved in the design, building, and maintenance of websites. That’s done using coding languages, which ensure a website looks good and works well for its users.

    What does a web developer do?

    Web developers take on a variety of tasks involved in the creation and maintenance of websites. That ranges from building sites using the likes of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, to updating websites, fixing bugs, and running tests.

    What qualifications does a web developer need?

    Although web developers don’t strictly need formal qualifications, a related degree or certification will make your application much stronger. For example:

    • A degree in software engineering.
    • A certification in agile or scrum.
    • A diploma or degree in computer science.
    • Project management qualifications

    How to become a web developer?

    To become a web developer, you’ll firstly need to master your craft. While this can be self-taught, formal qualifications are a good way to demonstrate capability on your web developer CV. You’ll then need to build up your experience with a portfolio of sites you’ve built or worked on, to evidence your ability and develop your skills. Entry-level or assistant roles, freelance jobs, or even voluntary work are good places to start.

    How much do web developer make?

    The average web developer salary (UK) is around £35,000, depending on experience. Junior web developers can expect to earn around £25,000, while the web developer salary is upwards of £40,000 for senior roles.

    How do I write a CV for a web developer?

    Write a CV for a web developer by listing your professional experience and skills in a clear, concise manner:

    1. Start with our professional CV builder which can guide you through the process quickly and easily.
    2. Open with a short personal profile to make recruiters keen to read more.
    3. List past roles in a reverse chronological CV format outlining achievements using concrete facts and figures.
    4. Use the kind of technical language – like HTML, SQL, and UNIX – that recruiters expect you to understand.
    5. Don’t forget to spell check your CV before you download and send it.

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    Mastering your web developer CV summary

    Your web developer CV personal statement or professional summary is the first thing recruiters will read after your name and contact details. Rather than letting it overwhelm you at the start, our advice is to leave until the rest of your CV is finished.

    That way, you can cherry pick your most relevant and impressive web developer skills, experience, or qualifications. Introduce them in 2-3 sentences to make recruiters want to read on.

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    Developing your web developer CV

    Creating an impressive UK web developer CV doesn’t have to take as long as building a website or bespoke application. Our online builder makes the process quick and easy with customisable CV templates and pre-written content based on web developer CV skills and responsibilities.

    You’ll have your own CV looking like the best web developer CV examples in no time.

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